Distipro works with a number of leading UPS and power protection systems manufacturers. Within our supply chain we have three levels of supplier:

  • Power Partners: leading manufacturers who have shown continuous excellence within their area of the UPS, power protection and ECO alternative energy management market, offering advanced technologies, excellent quality and superior support. People make a relationship and within our UPSPower Partners we work with people who share our values for excellence, team work and service commitment. We are their trained and certified resellers and a key part of their sales and project teams.
  • Supply Partners: companies from whom Distipro can source UPS products, ECO energy systems, spares, accessories, support and service from.
  • Supply Associates: companies who supply Distipro products or services on an ad-hoc basis as required by our client base.

The quality and commitment of our people and supply chain help to differentiate us in a competitive market place. They are our key success factors and the reason why clients work with us. No other independent UPS supplier can offer such a level of expertise and supply chain access.

We only work with suppliers who meet or exceed our expectations.