Entrance & Exit Control

Innovations to Assure High Efficiency of Entrance/Exit Management
With global urbanization and rapid growth of vehicle population, how to manage the security by tight control of Entrance/Exit and at the same time improve running efficiency is one of the topic which concerns every potential Entrance/Exit manager. 
Dahua innovative Entrance/Exit solution with embedded ANPR, seamless integration of various technologies like video , VTO and management platform offers you what matters most for Entrance/Exit management.

Solution Features

• Record and search the history list of car approaching and departure.
• Simplify the registration process of coming visitor without human intervene.
• Emergency handling when vehicle authorization of entrance and exit fails.
• Comprehensive Surveillance: Real-time preview and playback for video, modify the plate info if it’s incorrect, help the guard to quickly response once an accident or an event happens.
• Smart Search: Search the video and image by date/time/license plate number from the server to locate the key evidence efficiently.
• Intercom Handling: Response to visitor or emergency call from VTO, keep the safety even without on-site watch house. Define various parameters for white list: Time, Gate channel, Plate, Quantity.
• Multiple Linkage: The administrator can set different linkage rules following ANPR such as open the barrier or e-mail once plate number is recognized.
• Flexible Visitor Management: Flexible policy for manage barrier: Automatic operation by whitelist or manual control by software remotely.